White Papers

3 Elements of Medicare Advantage You Don’t Want to Tackle Alone

Gain insight on re-evaluating administrative processes in response to ever-changing Regulations

Medicare Advantage and PDP Plans shoulder a significant burden to understand and meet…

3 Keys to Success in Part D Administration

Gain insight on how to keep pace with new CMS mandates

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers an array of new benefits to millions of Americans and, as a result, challenges the healthcare companies and…

Professional Solutions

Professional Services—Implementation Strategy

This document highlights TMG Health’s implementation strategy to our Clients to integrate their business processes with TMG Health’s business process outsourcing alternatives…

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing in the Government Health Insurance Market – Achieving Successful Outcomes

This White Paper contains information that Medicare Health Plan…

Perspectives on Control

Perspectives on Control in the Business Processing Outsourcing Discussion

This paper deals with performance control of health plan operations, efficient administration and accountability…

Perspectives on Cost

Perspectives on Cost in the Business Process Outsourcing Discussion

This unique white paper deals with the following Cost topics as they relate to Business Process…

Perspectives on Agility

Perspectives on Agility

This paper deals with the flexibility to position your health plan to handle the dilemma of contention for limited plan resources…

Perspectives on Compliance

Perspectives on Compliance

This White Paper outlines the steps that health plans need to do to keep up with Government regulations.